History documents the Vikrama Era (58 B.C. to 415 A.D.) of the Maharaja/s Candragupta/s stretched their Hindu Empire from India right up to the whole of the Arabian Peninsula in the West. These Maharaja/s were greatly devoted to their Hindu Deities of Lord Siva (moon God-Allat) and his spouse, Goddess Durga (moon goddess-Allah).

The Maharajas gave thanks to their Godly Deities by building temples in their honor, in all their territories (at least 7 in Saudi Arabia alone, including the present Kaaba). Even after their Empire fell, the Arabs faithfully devoted themselves to these Godly Deities/Temples up to Muhammad’s time. (For details – see ‘Kaaba a Hindu Temple’ in ).

Muhammad of the Qoraish tribe of Saudi Arabia was born in 571 A.D. but his father, Abdullah, died 4 months before he was born. Infant Muhammad and his widowed mother, Amina were looked after by her father, Abdul Mutalib. During this time, Halima, a Bedouin lady, nursed infant Muhammad. After a few weeks, she complained infant Muhammad was possessed by the devil and refused him.

His mother Amina then died, when he was only 5 years old. When orphaned Muhammad was 8, his grandfather, Abdul Mutalib also died, and the boy Muhammad was passed on to his uncle, Abu Talib, who had a trading caravan business with Syria. At age 20, Abu Talib handed Muhammad over to work for Khadija, who had a thriving caravan business. At age 25, Muhammad married his boss, 40-year-old rich widow Khadija, and thereby became stepfather of Khadija’s two daughters from a previous marriage.

Muhammad did not show ‘his true colors’ while he was married to Khadija. But after she died, Muhammad was ‘let loose’ with enormous wealth and went on to have 9 wives, dozens of concubines, numerous temporary wives, and over a hundred male/female slaves. He was also betrothed to 6-year-old Aisha and married her at age 9 (8 by our calendar). He took to sexual fondness of his daughter-in-law when he saw her changing her clothes and married her – the initially wife of his adopted son, Zaid.

Once when he was caught red-handed raping his wife (Sadiah’s) slave (Mary), out of wedlock, he reprimanded Sadiah for ‘making a big thing out of it.’ Muhammad and his companions frequently raided unsuspecting villages, (even those who had peace treaties with him) decapitating the men, and taking their wives, sons/daughters as slaves, ‘the best always for himself’ according to the Quran.

In Sahih Bukhari’s Hadith, when some thieves were caught, Muhammad ordered his companions to dig out both eyes of each thief, and sent them away, blind and bleeding. Out of the 68 wars Muhammad and his companions fought, only one was defensive and the remaining 67 were offensive wars initiated by Muhammad and his companions.

In these existing conditions, Muhammad started inventing his own religion after 610 A.D. when he appointed himself as Allah’s apostle and messenger, as stated in the Quran (not as a prophet) and claimed that the Angel Gabriel ordered him thus (without any witnesses to his claim).

Muhammad gathered a concoction of about 10% of Babylonian Talmud (not the Torah of Judaism, but with numerous errors/etc); about 5% of Christianity (a few parts of the Gospel, but distorted and erroneous, probably gathered from Mary his Coptic slave, and Waraqa, his wife Khadija’s Christian cousin, and during his travels to Syria); about 25% of existing Hindu temples/Allah/idols/rituals and beliefs in Saudi Arabia. (The word ‘Allah’ is a Sanskrit word and in truth, there is no Islamic Allah); about 10% of Animism (spirits, demons, Jinns, devils, spirits, etc) gathered from existing Arab folklore and mythical tales; about 10% of Arabic traditions and culture, and 40% of Muhammad and his companions’ own barbaric creations, to make up Islam, his new religion.

Since Muhammad and his several hundred companions were completely illiterate (could not read or write) and Muhammad had a poor memory; thus, his companions memorized for him the Quranic verses they plagiarized/concocted. But in the battle of Yamamah, almost all his companions were killed, and the original Quranic verses were lost forever and was never compiled in writing before Muhammad himself was killed by food poisoning in 632 A.D. by a Jewish slave, who said, “If you are a true Apostle, Allah would have saved you”.

Caliph Abu Bakr (632-634A.D.) then entrusted Zayed Ibn Thabit to compile the Quran, from memories of Muhammad’s illiterate wives, concubines, slaves, and a few contacts; who claimed to have heard Muhammad and his companions utter various verses. Zayed managed to gather an estimated 7,900 verses. But this first compilation of the Quran, with numerous contradictions, ridicule, confusions, and errors, created a lot of trouble and huge problems arose over the years.

Under the caliphate of Uthman (644-656 A.D.), he was compelled to withdraw all the distributed, handwritten copies of the Qurans and burnt them. Zayed was again ordered for the second time, to recompile and re-edit the Quran more sensibly and convincingly from his original Quran, kept with Hafsa (Muhammad’s widow). Zayed did the best he could in re-editing the Quran and more than 2,000 contradictory, confusing, erroneous and illogical verses were abrogated (cancelled), some were replaced, and others added/borrowed to make sense of the cancellations/replacements.

This re-edited Quran in Sura 16:101-103 says Arabs accused a Christian slave of teaching Muhammad and was persecuted, and 25:4-5 confirms accusations of borrowing stories from Folktales, and Fables by the then Arabs. Abu Al-Aswad Al Doaly put dots as syntactical marks, during the time of Mu'awiya Ibn Abi Sufian (661-680 A.D). The letters were marked with different dotting by Nasr Ibn Asem and Hayy ibn Ya'amor, during the time of Abd Al-Malek Ibn Marawan (685-705 A.D). A complete system of diacritical marks, (damma, fataha, kasra,), were newly created by Al Khaleel Ibn Ahmad Al Faraheedy (d. 786 A.D).

Now the Quran stands at only 6,241 verses today from its original 7,900. But given the circumstances prevailing in those days and the fact that compiling from various uneducated peoples’ memories, etc; this concocted manmade Quran, still have a lot of contradictions, confusions, absurdities, illogicalities, ridicule, errors, unscientific theories, etc. (For details, see ‘A dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim about the Quran’ and ‘A balanced understanding of Islam’ in this website).

So, a lot of people did have a hand in inventing the Quran. Thus, the bulk of the verses of today’s Quran, are actually from Muhammad’s wives, concubines, temporary wives, slaves and was edited by Zayed Ibn Thabit (it has nothing to do with God).

The chapters of the Quran are not arranged in importance, continuity, biography, chronology, significance or sequence of any sort, but are arranged by length - the longest chapter first and the last chapter with just 6 lines. Verses are disorderly arranged and jumbled up in unrelated subjects/topics.

Christians will be horrified to know that there is no prophecy, no chronology, no geography, no biography of anybody (not even Muhammad), no ministry, no history, no proverbs, no parables, no miracles, no psalms, generally, just do’s and don'ts, like an instruction manual of a washing machine; and with punitive punishments, reprisals and rewards specified.

For example, for do’s, all Muslims are to slay (kill) non-Muslims as in Sura 4:74, 9:5 and 9:29. For punishments, Sura 4:34 commands husbands to scourge (whip) his wife/s who are disobedient to him and abandon her/them till she/they submit to him. For non-Muslim ‘rewards’, Sura 2:191 commands “Slay them (non-Muslims) …Such is the reward of those who suppress faith (Islam)”. Muslims are also commanded to carry out Sura 8.12 which demands, “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore, smite them in the necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes”.

There are numerous such ‘evil rewards’ specified for non-Muslims. For Muslim rewards, are those who fight and die for Allah in Sura 52:17-20; 55:56-58; 55:70-74 and 56:37-38, which reward suicides with best fruits, rivers of vine, and 72 voluptuous fair virgin ladies in Heaven. There are even rewards for homosexual Muslims, “boys as fresh as pearls”, as in Sura 52:20-24. The Quran also forbids all Muslims, the freedom “to think and act as they see fit, because the thinking is already done by Allah and his Messenger”, as in Sura 33:36 (in other words, independent thinking is not allowed in Islam).

This is impressed upon Muslims, from their childhood nurturing in Maddrassahs and thus, explains why Muslims are terrified to go against their Quran. Questioning the logic of the Quran is considered blasphemous in Islam.

The Quranic verses are meant for reciting only, in a rhythm and do not require understanding the meaning, from this old Arabic script. Thus, most Muslims do not understand and question the Quran they read, in total blind faith. Differences in the Qurans today create more problems, and pilgrims who land in Mecca for their pilgrimages, will be searched and their Quran, if found to be different from the Wahabi sect’s Quran, will be confiscated and burnt.

Because of the limitations of the Quran’s open-ended verses of generalization/absurdities/etc, it led to various interpretations and thus explanations were required of the biographical accounts of the sayings, customs and actions of Muhammad and his companions, to better understand the Quran – this is called the Hadith, and also considered sacred, but second to the Quran. Numerous writers produced various Hadiths over 600 years (from around 800 A.D. to 1,400 A.D.), and it created even more confusions, contradictions and distortions over the different schools of thought (Madhab) by the various writers, as almost all never even knew Muhammad personally.

The Sunnah is the ‘Path’ or ‘Way’ (it implies the doings and practices of Muhammad), and is also considered sacred, but third in rank. Here too, the vast differences between various writers are causing untold numerous problems, leading to chaos.

Depending on the Islamic sect and the various Hadith and Sunnah they choose to comply; the differences among Muslims are so great that the killings between Islamic sects is continuing to this day in Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

There are four mains ‘schools of thought’ in the application of the Islamic Sharia laws. These laws gradually sprouted out and is amended and changed even today, from country to country, and state to state, but always basing on the 7th century model of Jurisprudence.

The biggest drawback is that Islamic Sharia Laws do not permit ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ but recognizes only eyewitness accounts to a misdemeanor/crime. It is well known in Islamic Sharia law applications, that people, who want to settle scores with someone, do give false eyewitness accounts. Records show that girls/women are the worse adversely affected. For an example, if a girl is raped, she should produce a minimum of 2 or 4 eyewitnesses of reputable character (depending on the Sharia applied) to convict the rapist. If there is only one eyewitness, the rapist is set free to rape again. It doesn’t end there. If this girl gets pregnant from this rape, she is condemned to be stoned to death, for adultery (getting pregnant out of wedlock).

In a democratic and modern society, it is well documented that 92% of criminal convictions are obtained not by eyewitness accounts but by ‘circumstantial evidence’ and application of science (like DNA, etc), which are all disallowed in Islam. The Sharia laws are also in contravention of the United Nations Convention on Human Rights. Can you imagine living in a society with rapists, murderers, sex-maniacs, etc running around as free as a bird, because of Islam?

The uneducated women of the 7th century, who are the main sources of the Quran, are known for their physical and sexual prowess, rather than their intelligence. The backward mentality of these sources is reflected in Islam. Thus, Islam is regressive and leads to decay. This is manifested in every Muslim society.

Muslim societies are the most violent, dangerous, lawless, unprogressive, undeveloped, disorderly, plagued with diseases, disasters and thus Muslims unashamedly flee Islamic societies to non-Islamic countries. By this migration, Muslims prove that Islam is evil, regressive and inhuman. Thus, millions of Muslims today, give up Islam, even though the trap in Islam is so physically a cold-blooded entrapment, (to kill apostates); retaining only those less intelligent or forced to remain in Islam out of the ignorance, birth or Islamic pressure.

Even reputed Islamic religious, of authoritative standing and powers that may be, are very worried of the rapid pace of Islam’s demise manifesting itself in every direction. The pressure on the UN to ban the barbaric Quran is mounting day by day. It is evident without a doubt that Islam is a fake invention. The demise of this manmade Islam is undeniable and evident even to the less intelligent.
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