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  På denne siden kan du lese utvalgte nyheter publisert av forskjellige medier i Israel. Har du litt kjenskap til engelsk, vil dette være enkelt for deg. Slik kan du følge med i det som skjer i Israel og i Midtøsten-området.  

Israeli company developing 'suicide' drone to take out enemy UAVs
ELTA planning 'sophisticated upgrade' to its current 'Drone Guard' system, which has sold to defense agencies all over the world; the aircraft will be able to identify the target's flight path and fly directly into it While the IDF has not yet come up with its own proven operational response to enemy drones, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, ELTA Systems, has already sold 100 "Drone Guard" systems to a number of foreign defense agencies. The system detects and brings down drones using frequency blocking

British MP: Johnson may withdraw from Iran nuclear deal
British MP says he believes Boris Johnson's government will follow Trump and withdraw from 2015 nuclear deal. British MP Matthew Offord of the Conservative party told i24News on Tuesday he believes Boris Johnson's government will follow US President Donald Trump and withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. Johnson on Tuesday won the race to become Britain's next prime minister, defeating current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt by a margin of 66% to 34%, with 92,153 votes to Hunt’s 46,656. Speaking to i24NEWS after Johnson's victory,

ANALYSIS: Israel’s Increasing Role in the Global War on Terror
ISIS is planning a comeback, but it and other jihadist groups will have to contend with an empowered Jewish state The Israeli spy agency Mossad and the IDF’s Military Intelligence have thwarted some 50 terror attacks worldwide over the course of three years Israeli broadcaster Mako reported at the beginning of last week. The foiled terror attacks were the work of Iran and the Islamic State Jihadist group according to Mako. Israeli intelligence delivered information about planned terror attacks against twenty countries among them Turkey where the Mossad helped foiling no less than 12 attacks

Your Guide to the Jerusalem’s New Pilgrims’ Path
Newly-uncovered path used by visitors during three great pilgrimage feasts was surely where Jesus spoke to the masses A 350-meter (382 yard) section of a path leading up to the Temple Mount has been opened for visitors after a ten-year excavation project. The newly unveiled passageway is called “Pilgrims’ Road” because it is now clear that this is the footpath that was used by Jews during biblical times to ascend the Temple Mount, bringing sacrifices to the Lord during the three Pilgrimage Feasts–Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. The passageway was originally discovered by archeologists..

Israelis may soon no longer need visa to enter US
PM says he has discussed dropping visa requirement with Trump 'and we are moving forward, hoping that here too there will be good news.' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he had spoken more than once to President Donald Trump about the possibility that Israelis would be allowed to enter the United States without a visa. In a live chat on Facebook, Netanyahu was asked about the subject and explained: "The American demands are such that they infringe on a security envelope of information that we guard for obvious reasons.”

ANALYSIS: Mossad Chief Says Iran Lying About Nukes
If action is to be taken, now’s the time with a decisive president in the White House. On Monday, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen during a speech at a security conference in Herzliyah, Israel, disclosed a range of activities his organization undertook over the past few years and which have saved countless lives across the globe. In a James Bond movie one person saves the world, Cohen said adding that in our world “many (Mossad) operatives” do this. The Mossad director claimed that his agents found out that Iran had been plotting to carry out terror attacks in The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and France


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