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  Israel's Secret Iran Attack Plan: Electronic Warfare

Israel has been building stealthy, multibillion-dollar electronic weapons that could be deployed if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear sites, U.S. intelligence officials tell Eli Lake.

For much of the last decade, as Iran methodically built its nuclear program, Israel has been assembling a multibillion-dollar array of high-tech weapons that would allow it to jam, blind, and deafen Tehran's defenses in the case of a pre-emptive aerial strike. Read more
  Spies in space: The story of Israel's Ofek satellite program

New Israeli intelligence satellite ‘sending back great images’

How the successes of those who dare to dream can stagnate under those who fail to follow through. If you’re looking for a story that captures Israeli innovation, cunning and can-do chutzpa, think spy satellites. .

Inserted successfully into orbit by the country’s homemade Shavit launcher, the newest and most advanced satellite is likely to soldier on in space, but with limited lifespan and ability to perform its high-resolution spy duties.  Read more

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