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Personal Information
My name is Torolf Karlsen and I am born in Bergen,. Norway in 1942 during the Second World War. To day I am 73 years of age. Something great happened in my life when I was 18. I was converted and became a true Christian. I started to believe in Christ Jesus who is now my Saviour and Lord. My life changed greatly and I was called to minister unto people. I was baptised in water in Frie Evangeliske Forsamlinger in Bergen and filled with the Holy Spirit not long time after my baptism. I felt God's call to the ministry and my first task was to witness in an area in Norway called Sunmøre. This happened in 1964-65 

A missionary to East Africa
In 1965 I married Inger and together we travelled to Tanzania as missionaries. There we stayed for three years. Our next term was spent in Kenya we we ministered for three periods. Lately, we have been missionaries to Uganda where I started a new bible school by the name Mbuya Bible School. This task took two years. After three and a half year in Norway, I was called back to Uganda to minister again as the principal of the same bible school and this time I expanded the program. All together I have been a principal to bible schools in East Africa for seven years. Three years at Karen Bible School, Nairobi and four years at MBS, Kampala, Uganda. Uganda is a small but beautiful country.

My time as pastor
Between the periods in East Africa, I have been a pastor for five Pentecostal Churches in Norway. These terms have been short as we have not stayed long in Norway before we returned to the ministry in Africa. However, my time as a pastor have given me valuable experience that I have found useful in my life. In the later years we have been sent out and supported by Tabernaklet, Bergen. PYM is the great organisation unto which we have been attached. The countries where we have been working is in consecutive orders; Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. We have now served in East Africa for 20 years. Seven of these years I have been a Principal for two bible schools, first at Karen Bible School, Nairobi, then at Mbuya Bible School in Kampala, Uganda. Click on the flag and hear the Uganda National Anthem

My family
Something little about my family. Vi have three children, two girls and one son. He are now married and have their own children and we have seven grandchildren and six great grndchildren. It is always fun when they come visiting us although it might be noisy too. Our children have learnt about Jesus and have come to believe in Him. They too would like to teach their children about the Lord. In this way, the power of faith will saturate our family and create an atmosphere of love and compassion among us. As we all live in the same town it is easy to communicate. This time I am visiting different churches in the district, teaching and preaching God's word. I feel that my life has been blessed and that I have many friends and good experiences. For all this I give glory and honour to Christ who is my Saviour and Lord.

Present ministry
At present I continue to work for the Lord and preach in different churches as they invite me. I feel this is giving me much blessing and I love to teach the word of God. For all this I give glory to my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I belong to the Pentecostal Movement in Norway.

My interest for Computer work and webdesign
At the age of 50 I caught the interest for computers and started to use them. Now I cannot be without. I have made hundreds of bible sermons and bible studies using my PC. I that regard I have been using different bible programs both in Norwegian and English versions. I will recommend New English Translation (NET) that you can get free of charge. Likewise the very excellent program Theophilos is also available free from the internet. Lately, I have become interested in Web Design and have many Websites. Should someone reading this become interested in using my experience in Web Design, I would be glad to hear from you.

I have had the pleasure of visiting India eight times conducting seminars and preaching in conventions that they have every year. I has been a joy foster fellowship with brothers and sister in India and I have had the joy of visiting both even Nepal. Every year there is a flood disaster in India. At the moment we have a blessed work amon the dalits and their children. Now there are 250 children that are being helped who are otherwise helpless and underpriveleged. Right now they are going to school and are cared for. For this we are grateful. Please se more about this great work here

Bergen, my hometown
Let me tell you something little about my hometown, Bergen. In this town I grew up and in Bergen I was saved. Wherever I have been in the world, I always longed back to Bergen. In 1984 we finally arrived here and since we have lived here. You may se a few photos of Bergen here

Torolf Karlsen

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